Improvement Institute for High Reliability

RPM Exec is a full service provider for Transformations


Strategy Development & Deployment –We can build or build-on your Vision – Mission – Value – Strategy – Tactical and Utilize the 3Ms of Process Improvement*” to assure the mission is accomplished

Yellow Belt -Fundamental problem solving for all associates. 3-Day Training

Green Belt -Professional part-time problem solver. 9-Day Training includes: Lean, Six Sigma, Change Leadership Fundamentals

Black Belt High Reliability -RPM is unique to offer a blend of PI and Reliability Engineering. Participants will be more effective at solving multi-factor issues, safety cultural development, responding to regulatory and accreditation requests or recovery actions

Master Black Belt -Executive strategic partners, responsible for ongoing development of PI within the organization and strategic stakeholders

Safety Culture Training –Both an assessment of your culture of safety, but also improvement in your culture to get to Zero Harm

Physician/Provider PI Certification -This course requires projects and certification to drive better clinical outcomes for patients and improved physician and provider satisfaction to stimulate growth strategies


* From RPM’s book by the same name: 1. Measure 2. Manage to the measure 3. Make it easier

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